Chủ Nhật, 30 tháng 11, 2008

assigment 2 collage

I post this for collage assignment! concept is: take a rest for thinking! take a deep rest, the rest till die.... there is 2 meanings for this:
1st: want to think about something, such as....the concept of design, to solve the problems,etc, you need to take a rest for a great thinking.
2nd: taking a rest too many, it will kill you, you can't think any more because it used to take a rest.
enjoy it!

work for web layout

last week, I got a terrible problem, that's is the reason why I didn't post any more blog. Now I feel alright a little bit and this blog is exist!
firstly, take a look at this web layout

this web layout for a hosting company which I worked in the past. the hosting theme so I did some things look technique! and this stuff was created! further more a hosting web doesn't need many text as a news web!
hope all of you enjoy it!

Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 11, 2008

all the things have reasons to be created.......

firstly, i sure that, when you take a look at this image, you will notice the word" all the things have reasons to be created, this is the same". absolutely that, before the image had been created, there were some concept to create it, and this image is the same. concept for this image is "concept for all image". the mask is on the processing, it looks like the processing of design one thing. why it's a mask, but nothing else, because the 2 concept for this image is....for my girl friend. the mask was created with her face.

Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 11, 2008

from the car

firstly, take a look at my design,

the idea for this is...... a car in a pearl, it look like 7 dragon Ball, the car carries, many elements of natural, too many to carry, and elements overflow outside..... the car carries natural elements, it represent for green car.... the message from this stuff is "keep the earth green".
hope you like it!

Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 11, 2008

base in the space

abstract concept.

Ability of human is limited, but the imaging of the human is no limit, that is the reason why i want to do things unreal to satisfy my imaging. as you see in the art work, it is the base outside the space, it is surrounded by many disaster, float, storm, nuclear energy. that far-sighted would happy in our world someday, if we still make it polluted.

Chủ Nhật, 2 tháng 11, 2008

one more for my girl friend

i have ask her for doing this, because when I've done, she looked like mummy ^_^. Fortunately, she agreed, and i got an Art Work,
enjoy it!

this picture i took for her at the zoo,
and then...........

the elements of this art work mainly are the curve, and line. Curve makes she look more tender and lines make we feel that, she's wearing a mask. what's under the mask? it is mysterious. because female is mysterious so.....
and there is 4 spaces in this art work,3 small and big one, big one and the girl is become 1. it is proximity Overlap (Gestalt theory).
hope all of you will like it.

Gestalt assigment

This is my gestalt assignment. if I making it normal, like a layout on the paper, it will so boring for viewer, further more this is art work on the computer and i want to make it more interesting. and this is my art work.

there are continuance, proximity(close edge and overlap) (Gestalt theory)
overall, i want to change every things on the computer become an art work. this is the one.