Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 12, 2008

basic about Dj

let's make a journey into Dj world!
firstly, take a look at my Dj system!

this is a basic Dj system with 2 sources of sound and one 2 lines Mixer, a Professional Dj can play 3, 4 or 5 sources of sound at once!

this is the 1st source of sound

it's Dj cd player. It allows you to do more trick than a traditional cd player.

* You can loop: push the "loop in" button to star the loop and then push the "loop out" button to declare the end of the loop and the music will turn back to the star loop. If you want to quit the loop, push the "loop out" button again.

* Pitch the tempo: it allow you 3 level of pitching +- 12%, +-25% and +-100%, the song will faster or lower when you pitch the tempo. the tempo is the most important of mixing, it require 2 sources of songs must be the same of Tempo, but unfortunately when the song was created, it was different, Dj must use tempo Pitching to equal tempo of 2 sources of sounds.

* Scratch like a turntable: the big circle of the cd player, roll it to change the position of the song.
* Cue the song: push "Pause" button and push "Play", the "Cue" is declared. it means when you play the music to wherever, Just push the "Cue" button, the song turn around to the Cue point.

those are 4 basic trick of a Dj cd player.

next, The Mixer

a simple 2 lines Mixer it can mix 2 sources of sound.
each line contains 3 frequencies: Low, mid and high
each frequency can reduce 32 dB and increase 12 dB

and this is the 2nd source of sound

the same as the 1st. it should be the same because 2 sources of sound should be the same fiction is better.

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