Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 11, 2008

base in the space

abstract concept.

Ability of human is limited, but the imaging of the human is no limit, that is the reason why i want to do things unreal to satisfy my imaging. as you see in the art work, it is the base outside the space, it is surrounded by many disaster, float, storm, nuclear energy. that far-sighted would happy in our world someday, if we still make it polluted.

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Dim Sum nói...

How is the concept "abstract"? You need to explain. "Abstract Art" has no references to the real visual world, but in your composition, there are items and objects being referred that does exist in the "real" world, such as the "cables". Why is there a line in the middle as if the page has been folded. What is the reason for that?