Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 11, 2008

from the car

firstly, take a look at my design,

the idea for this is...... a car in a pearl, it look like 7 dragon Ball, the car carries, many elements of natural, too many to carry, and elements overflow outside..... the car carries natural elements, it represent for green car.... the message from this stuff is "keep the earth green".
hope you like it!

2 nhận xét:

Dim Sum nói...

When I first look at this image, I honestly did not think of the slogan "Keep the earth green". In fact, I didn't even notice the vehicle in the image until I read your entire entry.

It is an impressive image due to its complexity, but the concept of keeping the earth green is not conveyed through well.

Why is there text on the back window? What is happening near the front side window? Why?

baodj nói...

the text on the back window is my mistake, it appears on the original one, and i forgot to erase it. the near front side window is empty, that is my aim, my aim is....let the viewer can see inside the car.
thank you, for comment.