Chủ Nhật, 2 tháng 11, 2008

one more for my girl friend

i have ask her for doing this, because when I've done, she looked like mummy ^_^. Fortunately, she agreed, and i got an Art Work,
enjoy it!

this picture i took for her at the zoo,
and then...........

the elements of this art work mainly are the curve, and line. Curve makes she look more tender and lines make we feel that, she's wearing a mask. what's under the mask? it is mysterious. because female is mysterious so.....
and there is 4 spaces in this art work,3 small and big one, big one and the girl is become 1. it is proximity Overlap (Gestalt theory).
hope all of you will like it.

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Dim Sum nói...

Its a good start and I can see that you are aware that something does not work. When this happens, you have to evaluate each of the elements and see whether or not it is adding to the composition or just something distracting. What purpose does each of the elements serve?

Overall, most of your designs are very complicated. Is that necessary to convey your idea? What is your idea here? Why do you have 2 white lines in your design?

When you are posting, I'm not that interested in how many days it took you or how many layers there are, I'm more interested in hearing about your ideas. Be more thoughtful.